When it comes to the country’s icons who define what it is to be a ‘man’ in the machismo sense of the word, there are two names that come into the minds of the people.

One is an action star of the past, while one is a political figure of the present. Can you guess who they are?

Number one is ‘the King,’ the action star who ruled the box office cinema for a few decades. His name is synonymous with action films in the country. He is no other than the King, Fernando Poe Jr., or most commonly known as ‘FPJ’.

The second is known as a gun-slinging yet beloved politician who puts fear into the hearts criminals, rising from a local Mayor in the south to the current President of the country. He is no other than Rodrigo Duterte.

Both are what people think about when they think someone who embodies machismo and strong, aggressive manliness. But who exactly is more manly between them?

To determine the winner of this head-to-head manly matchup, we have chosen to use the 3 P’s of artofmanliness.com. They are: Protect, Procreate, and Provide.



Protect – The essence of protection is the “need to establish and defend boundaries.” Boundaries create a sense of identity and trust. Should that line be crossed, men will spring into action. Men are called on to guard the perimeter between danger and safety, protecting tribe and family from predators, human enemies, and natural disasters.

Winner: Duterte – There is no need to explain why Duterte wins this by a mile. Duterte basically won the presidency by banking on one thing: his reputation for protecting Davao from criminals. Even as President, though marred with more controversy, the safety a lot of people feel with him in power still cannot be denied. Score: Duterte 1, FPJ 0

Procreate – The imperative to procreate essentially requires that a man act as pursuer of a woman, successfully impregnate her, and thus create a “large and vigorous family” that expands his lineage as much as possible.

Winner: Tie – Both Duterte and FPJ have 4 children each from different women. All their children are quite well known and have followed their respective fathers in their fields. Score: Duterte 2, FPJ 1


Provide – The essence of provision is the ability to tame nature, to turn chaos into order, to take the raw materials of life and transform them into something of value. It involves, as Gilmore puts it, “purposive construction” — “commanding and assertive action that adds something measurable to society’s store.”

Winner: Duterte – Normally, when we think of provision, the trait that comes to mind is wealth or net worth. When it come purely to net worth FPJ wins against Duterte P900+ Million versus P28 Million. But as the definition of being a ‘provider’ is not only limited to wealth but actually includes being able to provide value and add something to society, then Duterte has arguablly done more. As much as we appreciate FPJ’s contribution to our country’s culture especially in film, Duterte has done a lot for society, despite his imperfections and flaws. As president and as a long time mayor of Davao, his impact on our country, though not always desirable, and no matter how you view it whether good or bad, is definitely more significant to the country and to society than FPJ has done. Score: Duterte 3, FPJ 1



It looks like ‘Digong’ is more a man than ‘the King’, edging him out 3-1. While FPJ has the more manly image, and looks more the part. Yet it is Rodrigo Duterte who truly embodies a machismo man by what he has done and achieved.

What is your reaction to this? Do you agree with the result? Comment below!