Authorities are currently searching for Joe Salvador, the suspect, who allegedly raped and committed theft against his classmate in Barangay San Roque in Zamboanga City.

According to the Zamboanga City police office, the victim is a 23 year-old college student who is a resident of Barangay Tugbungan of the said city.

At around 8:15 pm, the victim was spotted walking in the streets without any lower garment. She was immediately brought to the police station 7 of the Zamboanga City Police.

Reports say that the victim was invited by her classmate Joe Salvador, taking up Tourism NC II  in Winzell International College, to go to the house of Joe’s niece who was allegedly celebrating her birthday.

The victim agreed to meet around the San Roque Parish church near their area. However when she arrived, Salvador immediately pounced on her and dragged her in a grassy area behind the church. The victim tried to escape but Salvador punched her till she lost consciousness. This is when the suspect raped the victim.

When the victim awoke, this is when she realized that she was raped and that Salvador had taken her cellphone, necklace, and bag. She also had wounds and bruises in her neck, her legs, and other parts of her body.

Authorities are now preparing to file a case against the suspect including rape and robbery.

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