Despite rumors circulating regarding an affair between actress Erich Gonzales and director/producer Paul Soriano during the taping of their movie Siargao, actress and Soriano’s wife Toni Gonzaga posted an Instagram post; praising the actors that have taken part in her husband’s movie.

Of the movie, she says that it’s “quiet, moving, and it spoke straight to my heart.”

She praised actors Jericho Rosales and Jasmine Curtis, saying that she prays that Rosales wins best actor, and that the character that Curtis played was her favorite in the movie.

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Gonzales also received praises from her fellow Kapamilya actress, with Gonzaga posting that she looked very sexy in the film, and that she loved her acting.

Gonzales expressed her gratitude to Gonzaga over her comments, responding to her post.

Of the rumors, Gonzaga and Soriano are unfazed by them, both expressing their solid relationship and that, if questioned, they were ready to reply as soon as possible.

The movie Siargao is part of the MMFF lineup, to be shown on Christmas day this 2017.

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