A 14 year-old girl was repeatedly gang raped by 40 men between May and December in Thailand. Authorities have been made aware of the case and are now investigating.

The now 15 year-old girl comes from a small provincial village of rubber farmers and fishermen. Allegedly, she was gang raped several times in a span of 8 months when her parents were out working.


She revealed that one person first did it to her at her home. But later, she was drugged and was brought to another location where she was raped by up to 40 men.

Her parents are rubber farmers who do most of their work at night, leaving the girl alone at their home.


Boonthawe Torraksa, a Phang Nga Police official, emphasized to reporters that they are doing their best to investiage the shocking crime.


“I will make sure every culprit will have to serve their crime and I will make sure (we) receive justice for both sides,” he said.

The Provincial Governor, Eggarat Leesen. claimed that some of the culprits might not even be from that island so it would be very difficult for them to investigate this.

Leesen also says the community is ‘tight-knit’ so that girl and her family had to relocate because a lot threats were made against them. They are now under police protection.


A 2014 report revealed that 87 rapes happen in Thailand everyday, and majority of the victims are usually girls and women who are students. The report also reveals that majority of the cases remain unreported to fear of stigma and public shaming.

This is a reality that is not only applicable in Thailand, but to a lot of other countries as well.


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