Recently, Kris Aquino dished out that Quezon City mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista was her “favorite ex.” She has then posted a separate “straight from the heart” open letter as to why she chose Bautista.

In the letter, she wrote that she was not on good terms with the fathers of her sons.

“In Josh’s case, I’m grateful that he (Philip Salvador) let us be. He saw that Josh was embraced with love and a very strong support system, and he chose to keep a respectful distance…

Regarding Bimb’s Dad (James Yap), I’m wise enough now to know that anything I upload, Bimb will have access to–if not now, it will always be there for future reference so I choose to not give my bunso unnecessary ‘stress’ and I shall end it with that,” she wrote regarding their fathers.

As for why Bautista was her favorite, it was due to his efforts to maintain a good friendship after ending their relationship together.

Aquino writes of Bautista, “No–I’m not hung up on him anymore. We’ve made our PEACE. And that happened because of his maturity, not mine. The most remarkable thing is–we really are FRIENDS.”

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