Although there has been word circulating that director Paul Soriano has been linked with the actresses he has worked or is working with, including Erich Gonzales and Maja Salvador; it seems that his marriage with actress/singer Toni Gonzaga is still going strong.

The director tells of his wife, “We know each other well enough to feel anything out. If there is anything we try to do a lot is we communicate. We talk, we text and all that.”

Soriano also said on the talk show “Tonight With Boy Abunda” of his relationship, “It is there, even the way I feel about Toni is very secure, the trust is there… It’s never been broken.”

“Si Celestine (Toni) is more of the quiet type, but I know when something’s wrong,” he states. He even says that he is the one who initiates the talking between them whenever they encounter a problem.

On being a father to their son, Seve, he exclaims that he is a better father than a husband.

“’Cause it comes naturally,” Soriano explains. “I think [as a] husband, I have to work at it.”

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