The 27-year-old actor Matteo Guidicelli has always answered issues involving his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo. With this, he is receiving comments about him being a user. What is Matteo’s reaction to this?


“What’s new? I’m used to it. The thing is, I’m not gonna be affected because I know the truth of what I’m doing. That’s why we’re not working with each other. Kung nagtatrabaho pa kami na magkasama kami, yun, puwede nilang sabihin na gamit na gamit. But, we make it a point na we don’t work together.” he stated.

Matteo also said that as much as possible, he wants to avoid questions about their relationship.

However, he knows that that would be difficult since they’re basically part of one another.

“Sarah is an influence. Sarah is an influence to me. But last time I called MJ [Felipe, host ng presscon], ‘Let’s talk about music. Let’s not talk about Sarah.’ But how can we decline? Even here, we’re talking [about her]. It’s a normal thing. There’s nothing bad, there’s nothing good, it’s just being honest, being real, kumbaga. So, kung hindi nila matanggap, e, di bahala sila sa buhay nila.”


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