In a statement released earlier by University of the Philippines Manila, the University expressed their opposition towards the legalization of Medical Cannabis.

In a post on the official Facebook page of University of the Philippines Manila, they said, “UP Manila says ‘NO’ to Medical Cannabis Legalization”


"UP Manila says 'NO' to Medical Cannabis Legalization"Download whole docment:

Posted by University of the Philippines Manila on Saturday, November 4, 2017


Netizens had different reactions on UP Manila’s Opposition of the bill.


While some agreed with the University’s position, others were critical of it.

Here are what some netizens have to say about it:
“Shame on UP Manila for sharing this CIA War on Drugs style disinformation.”


“Much better to synthesize the medically important compounds sa labs. Hindi ko gets bakit kailangan pa itanim yung halaman. For sure, magiging export pa natin yang marijuana pag nagkataon dahil sa sobrang olats ng police power ng government natin pagdating sa ganitong bagay. Plantation tayo ng halaman na hindi naman routinely given sa Filipino patients.


Pag naapprove yan at nasa ilalim tayo ngayon ng “war on drugs” campaign ng gobyerno, sobrang kalokohan na ‘to.”


“Tama po yan. Nakakatuwa nga’t ang mga hindi target clients ang nagagalit sa mga kontra marijuana.”


“accdg. to my barkada from UP PGH:

there are two substances in Cannabis we are interested inTetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) the toxic , nakaka adik substanceAndCannabidiol – the medical marijuana extractAND THE BILL DOES NOT MAKE ANY DISTINCTION AS TO WHAT CAN BE USED. IT ALSO STATES THAT THE PLANT, LEAVES, etc etc CAN BE USED. WHICH CLEARLY SHOULD NOT BE. IT HAS TO BE THE CANNABIDIOL EXTRACT. (oo, all caps, galit ako, mga tao kaso galit sa UP because of that statement, hindi naman inispecify ng mga tarantadong congressman ang cannabis sa bill)plus there are many Cannabis species. The one we want for medical marijuana is C. indica. The one for recreational use is C. sativa.AGAIN, NOT SPECIFIED IN THE BILL.THE BILL IS FUCKING STUPID. IT’S BEING FASTTRACKED IN THE CONGRESS BUT IT’S VERY VAGUE. IT CAN REALLY BE USED TO ABUSE MARIJUANA.

Proposed bill states:

“Cannabis refers to EVERY kind, genus, specie of the plant Cannabis…”


Doctor’s degree in medicine Bonafide relationship with patient; and License to prescribe drugs Professional knowldege of the use of medical cannabis”

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