A rare condition has baffled doctors in Milan, Italy where the reported case of a young woman sweating blood from her face and palms of her hands have been recorded.

The patient, 21 years old and female, has been tested and is revealed to have a normal blood count and blood-clotting functions. This has left doctors scratching their heads as to what causes the bleeding.


Doctors have diagnosed the woman with Hematohidrosis, a rare disease that causes a patient to excrete or sweat blood through unbroken skin or pores

There is still not explanation as to what causes the actual bleeding, and even medical literature about the rare and uncommon disease offers no clues either.

One hematologist has said that the case is “most unusual.”

“I can say with clarity that I’ve never seen a case like this — ever,” said Dr. Michelle Sholzberg, co-director of the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care program at St. Michael’s Hospital. “And I can say that I’ve seen some of the worst bleeding disorders, and I’ve never seen them sweat blood.”

“I think this person has a very bizarre anatomical defect on a microscopic level that is resulting in this very unusual symptom,” she said.

Sholzberg confirms that hematohidrosis is incredible unusual. She says the literature about it are filled with references to religious literature pointing to the crucifixion of Christ.

“But case reports start appearing in the 16th century, and quite distinct from anything to do with the crucifixion, or Christianity”, she says. “There are mentions of the phenomenon as far back as Aristotle … prior to the time of Jesus.”

The Doctor has said there have been 18 recorded cases since 2000.

“A significant proportion of all the actual cases I could find have emerged in recent decades,” she said.

“The very fact that there are sporadic references to the phenomenon through time, scattered in many different places, tends to suggest to me that it must occur.” Hematohidrosis is not deadly, but it is very scary for patients who suffer its effects.

The patient in Italy has been treated with propranolol, a medication for the heart and blood pressure, which has reduced the bleeding but not stopped it.

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