A very unfortunate scene erupted on a regular bus ride when a man slapped a woman in the face after she called him the “N” word.

Fellow passengers were able to film the unpleasant exchange. In the video, the woman appears to be provoking the man with racial slurs. The man suddenly snaps and confronts the racist woman.

The furious man then began to talk to the equally enraged woman by telling her “All that sh*t you were saying on the bus…”, as the woman cut him mid-sentence and retort that she doesn’t give a “sh*t” and then proceeded to call him the “N” word to his face.

The man suddenly orders the bus driver to stop the bus while the woman continues berating him. He then tell her to “mind her mouth” and then dared her to say the insult one more time. The woman says the foul word to the man’s face one more time telling him that he was missing his stop. The man then asks the driver to stop which prompted his aggressor to laugh and in turn for him to slap the woman across the face.

While most netizens commented that both were not in the right, provoking people verbally is commonly frowned upon in every case, so most netizens sided with the man on this one. What’s your reaction? Share a comment below.