Binibining Pilipinas 2015, Maxine Medina is not new to horror. She will be starring in the second franchise of Spirit of the Glass. Being a newbie in movies, she had to learn how to act in her scenes. Surprisingly, she didn’t need to learn to act at all.

Maxine was a natural in her roles as a horrified girl because she has her own share of personal experiences with paranormal activities, Direk Joey Reyes acknowledged that it was very easy to direct the beauty queen in her scenes because she can easily be scared and look frightened.

Maxine confessed, “Matatakutin kasi talaga ako in real life.” And that she once lived in her grandmother’s house that was built on a former cemetery in D. Tuazon, Manila, just a short walk from Balete Drive.

She shared that the stories her aunts and uncles scared her while growing up. Not really trying to scare her, they used to tell her when they felt some kind of presence in the house, but as a little girl, it stuck to her.

“Feeling ko, pero kasi hindi naman nila ako tinatakot. Wala akong na-feel simula nung bata ako. Pero kaya lang ako naatakot kasi yung stories ng mga tita at tito ko, nadadala naming,” she said.

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