A man in Agusan Del Sur left his family, not to move in with another woman, but to live on top of a coconut tree. Coincidentally, the coconut tree is just a few meters away from their home.


It has been three years since he climbed and tree and since then he has not gone down. It was December of 2014 when Mario left his mother, his siblings, and his children to live atop the tree.

Without a roof or a ladder, Mario uses the leaves of the coconut tree to escape the heat of the sun and to shield him from rain.

When you look at the tree, there are several clothes hanging from it.

His family brings him food and water everyday. They place the food and other items inside a cellophane pouch and using a rope, Mario pulls it to the top of the tree.

A lot of people have tried to persuade Mario to climb down through the years, but they always fail. Mario even brought a knife with him on top of the tree and he threatens anyone who attempts to climb his tree.

Mario is the eldest of 8 children, his wife died in 2000 after giving birth to their second child.

Till now Mario is happily living on top of his coconut tree.


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