When it comes to physique the ideal body of men are macho while women are more on the sexy side. However there are times when the opposite happens. Case in point, the story of El Lye. She is the superbly fit and buff owner of Muszle Warrior, a gym in Ipoh, Malaysia.

She is a girl but she looks exactly like a macho man, a good looking macho man at that!

El Lye was born as Elaine Ly, she really wanted to get fit and muscular so she started taking steroids. However it made her looks so masculine. Despite how she looks, she says she is not a transgender and has not undergone surgery even though his appearance is fully masculine, complete with facial hair and a very deep voice.



She even shared that she has started using the male restrooms because other women get shocked when she enters female restrooms and would even call security.

The slogan of her gym is ‘Go hard or go home,’ in her case she really does go hard!

Look at how crazy her body is!!




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