Nicola King was 16 years old when she began to experience insecurities with her body and became self-conscious about her physical appearance. Her depression was so severe that even though her actual slim physique was quite alright and her diet fairly healthy, she could not restrain herself from obsessing about her calories intake. She began to control what she ate and exercised excessively to burn off each and every calorie she consumed. She began to starve herself for long periods of time lasting up to three weeks!


Nicola’s worst stage happened when her weight reached down to dangerous levels. At only 55 pounds, she began to experience very serious health problems. she was anorexic and soon had to be admitted into the intensive care of a hospital in Southampton. There she would stay for the next 18 months, undergoing various treatments. Even then her hair began to fall off, her menstrual cycle completely stopped and her organs began failing.

“My body was starting to shut down. On two occasions, the doctors told my parents to say goodbye. They said I wasn’t going to live,” Nicola explained. “The illness was so strong that they were trying to tube feed me and I had wires in but I kept ripping them all out. I wanted to die and I felt physically dead.”

It was a miracle that Nicola survived under the needle of heavy sedation for 3 weeks, only being fed via a tube. In 6 months time she began to recover until finally being released from the hospital’s care.

To get her life back on track, she travelled the world. Nicola went to Mexico, America, Greece, Cornwell and Ireland. When she finally had come to a point where her body and spirit were healthy again, she started a new hobby – going to the gym.

It was the gym that transformed Nicola into her new life. She turned her bad situation completely around and became a fitness fanatic. Soon after, she started her journey into bodybuilding. After just 18 months of training, she was able to compete in and win a championship in a competition for the best body transformation.

“It has been a very long road since then but for the first time, I am proud of myself. I never thought I would get to this point. I didn’t even think I would still be here. It’s surreal to have come this far—it’s overwhelming.”

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