Unhealthy food that are bad for you are usually the good and irresistible food that we tend to crave. One of those bad and unhealthy food are instant noodles. Some people may not like the taste of instant noodles, while a lot of people like them, but they really don’t do anything good for a person’s body.

Instant noodles may be tasty, filling and convenient for a lot of people, but they are actually not convenient for a person’s health. They are processed food, and are chemically preserved to prolong the time period before their expiration dates.

Many people are already aware that eating instant noodles is not good for the health, but some people choose to disregard that fact anyway because they don’t actually see what happens to the instant noodles inside the stomach.

Dr. Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General Hospital did an experiment wherein he used a pill-sized camera to show what happens in a person’s stomach and digestive tract after eating instant noodles, and according to him, the stomach is contracting back and forth.